Why Work With Us

People call my unique way of working ‘Profound and Practical’

This integrated multi-dimensional approach combines coaching, business strategy, energetic healing and hypnotherapy to create change on a cognitive, emotional and energetic level so that we are working and healing at root cause.
I don’t just help my clients create successful businesses but also ensure that their business and life is aligned to their soul-led vision and that they do the energetic healing work that unlocks their inner confidence and deeply connects them to what they are really here to do. It is the inner journey that brings the outer success.

I use my 20 years experience of working with top organisations and Visionary Founders to help you build a successful visionary business

I have spent the last 20 years working with some of the world’s top organisations and Visionary Founders such as NET-A-PORTER, Jamie Oliver, Charlotte Tilbury, Not-on-the-high-street, Penguin Random House and L’Oréal amongst many others.

This means I have unique, extensive, in-depth experience. I have experienced first-hand what it takes to be a successful visionary and how to truly create a successful visionary businessthat’s also not only fulfilling for the founder but also fulfilling for the people around them and successful too!

I understand you as a Visionary deeply because I am one myself

I see you and understand you…

I know what makes you brilliant and what the challenges are as you bring your vision to life, scale and grow it. I’ve experienced it with top visionary entrepreneurs and I have lived through it myself. Therefore I know exactly how to support you not only on a practical level but also emotionally and energetically.

I combine coaching, business strategy and deep inner energetic healing to create profound and practical transformation

To experience rapid results, we need to go beyond the mind and connect energetically. And for true change to happen, this needs to be integrated on a conscious and subconscious level.

I work at all levels – from conscious awareness to cognitive shifts to deep

healing to integrate, heal and clear the root cause of what holds people back.

My integrated approach facilitates both profound and practical changes critical to creating outer visible success across your life and work.

I show you how to integrate and align your life and work so you can live a life of purpose, meaning and joy.

Unlike other experts who either focus on business or life, I approach my coaching from a whole life perspective to ensure that the way you work and live is fully aligned.

So often business coaches help you think about what you are creating at work but without the bigger perspective you

won’t end up with the life you want. I work from a whole life perspective so that you are fully aligned and expressed in everything you do and your every aspect of your life and work is an expression of who you are because for a visionary, there is no separation between the two.

If this powerful and integrated way of working excites you and you are aVisionary Leader or entrepreneur looking to claim that next level of yourself and your work, check out how you can work with me here.

‘What a true inspiration Lisa Mitchell is! She is high energy and dynamic and magically creates a space for transformation and change.’
– Marianna Satanas, VP Client Engagement & Digital Business, Americas, Bottega Vaneta
‘Lisa is an intuitive and deeply insightful coach. She came into our lives during a time of tremendous expansion for the business and was integral in cultivating the focus we needed to fuel our unprecedented growth’
– Sandy Sholl and Adam Freede, Co-Founders Madaluxe Group
‘I love working with Lisa and her team. They bring so much energy, big picture thinking and inspiration and manage to convert that energy into practical steps that make a difference right now.’
– Holli Rogers, Chief Brand Officer Farfetch, Chair Browns