Visionary Founders


Take your vision and business to the next level of success

As what I call a ‘Visionary Founder’ you will have had a big vision for yourself, your business and the world.

You are a Changemaker, someone who has created something new and innovative – that most people don’t even understand or think is possible yet.

Your passion and innovation has attracted others to you – people who have jumped into the business with you and maybe investors too.

You have enormous, almost super-human energy behind your vision and you can see exactly what you can create.

However, sometimes people don’t always see what you see. Or take action on it the way you would like. It seems so obvious to you – why don’t others get it in the same way?!

As you build the business you can start to feel under pressure – there is so much to do, other people are now relying on you, people can’t quite deliver it the way you want.

The business is all-consuming and your balance gets out of whack! You love what you do but you don’t want to be consumed in the day-to-day. You need to stay in your Visionary space.

Building the vision doesn’t feel as easy and simple as it once did…

Sounds familiar?

I know exactly how this feels because I’ve spent the last 20 years working with Visionary Founders and their organisations including NET-A-PORTER, Jamie Oliver, Charlotte Tilbury, Not-on-the-high-street, Penguin Random House and L’Oréal amongst others.

I know how brilliant you are as a Visionary and I know the pitfalls and traps too.

As I worked with these top Visionaries, I started to see patterns and similarities. I realised that what was making them successful or holding them back wasn’t their expertise or talent in their roles but was about who they were and how they were living both their life and business.

I realised that Visionaries have an innate connection to something bigger than them – to their vision and source. That this connection and clarity of vision makes them almost unstoppable. And that they are continually developing, evolving and growing themselves to make their business successful.

I realised that running a business as a Visionary is unique and that standard models of business don’t apply. It is the activation of the Visionary and Vision that brings huge success.

This knowledge and experience led me to develop The Visionary Way – my unique methodology which takes my last 20 years’ experience working with high-level Visionaries and distils it into the 5 essential qualities you need to succeed as a Visionary in the world.

Work with us –

• Individual Coaching for successful Founders and Legacy Makers

Lisa and her team of specialist coaches take on a limited number of clients each year to provide bespoke, confidential, expert guidance,mentoring and coaching for successful Visionary entrepreneurs and leaders.

We work with you in a 6–12 month container to help you take that next up-level in what you can be and do in the world. And to create not just the business – but importantly the life you truly desire.

  • Our approach is what we call ‘profound and practical’.
  • We combine business strategic insight with deep intuition and energetic processes that shift you, your people and your businesses powerfully and sustainably
  • We take a whole life perspective helping you create alignment, success and fulfilment in your personal and professional life.
  • Our work is deep and transformational. We see and sense quickly what needs to shift and are experts in creating powerful quantum shifts in who you are BEING not just what you are doing.

You will –

Get crystal clear clarity on what is next for you, to connect to the biggest vision for you and the legacy you are creating in the world.

  • To connect to- and de-code what you do as a Visionary so that you can do it consciously on an even bigger scale.
  • To create balance, alignment and fulfilment in your whole life – not just your work. ·
  • To be in alignment with your source, your heart and soul clearing any past trauma, beliefs and behaviours that do not serve you.
  • To help you claim a new powerful way of working that is energetic, expansive and creational rather than about hard work, long hours and stress.
  • To show you how to create co-visionaries and visionary businesses that amplify your vision in the world. To truly empower others to amplify your vision and bring it to life whilst also expanding and growing them as visionaries in the world.
  • To be able to create empires, movements and massive change in the world – to feel that you have fulfilled your legacy on the planet.

• Helping you build a Visionary Business

As a Visionary founder you will have created your business from your passion and energy. It is your baby, your legacy, your vision brought to life. Your value and impact comes from you being the Visionary.

However, what I have found is that building a business that ties into that visionary essence, letting go and getting others to lead and being able to scale your vision can prove challenging!

We work with the Founder and the business through all levels – the Founder, the leaders and the wider culture to expand the Founder’s vision and create a truly individual, visionary business.

  • To work with the Visionary founder first to help them see who they are as a Visionary, to get clarity on their big Vision in the world and how the business is fulfilling that
  • To help clear trauma/blocks/behaviours so that they are in full alignment and can be that powerful visionary.
  • To help them claim a new powerful way of working that is energetic, expansive and creational.
  • To show them how to create a Visionary business where key players are co-visionaries with them, they can let go of control and can trust others to deliver and they create amazing, dynamic, co-creational businesses in line with their vision. A business that expands their vision, creates financial success and also expands and grows everyone how is involved in it. A business which serves and benefits ALL.
  • To free up the Founder’s time so that they can continue to be the Visionary and lead the company in line with the biggest vision.

To discuss how we can help you, set up an introductory call.