Visionary Entrepreneurs


Ready to claim that big, bold and brave vision so you can make the huge impact you know you’re here to make?

I know you have your vision brewing….

As a Visionary, you are always connecting to ‘what’s next’ for you and your work in the world…
You never really stand still!

You know that there is more for you and that you are here to make a big impact in the world.

Even though you may be successful by others’ standards, you feel like you are just getting started!

Your visionary power is just waiting to be embraced.

There is unlimited potential just waiting to be claimed.

You already know what it takes to create success. But you’ve often done it through hard work, grit and determination, and sometimes that’s meant sacrificing your energy, innate passion and other areas of your life in the process.

But now you are ready for what I call… Visionary Success.

And that’s success on another level, it’s about truly bringing your vision to life and embodying the energy of the vision and the visionary within to quantum leap your success and fulfilment to a whole new level.

And it’s about creating success across your whole life and work – bringing you true fulfilment and multiplying your income and impact too.

Where are you on your journey?

Wherever you are on your Visionary journey we can help you breakthrough to your next-level success and fulfilment. I can’t wait to support you to bring that biggest vision to life.

The Visionary Collective

THE free community for Visionary entrepreneurs and leaders looking to create big impact in the world.

The Visionary Collective is a powerful community for Visionary leaders andentrepreneurs to inspire, challenge and support each other to create an even bigger impact in the world. This is a place for like-minded visionaries to come and grow together. To be in our power as visionaries and stand in our own potential and empower others to do the same.

Join the community and be part of the Movement

The Visionary Kickstarter

Join the community and be part of the Movement

A 14 day live experience for early-stage Visionary entrepreneurs who know they are made for more.

You will get:

  • To understand the 5 key abilities you need to embody to become a successful and visionary entrepreneur
  • Discover how to live with intention to  manifest the life and business you want
  • Get clarity on that big vision that is brewing inside you
  • Connect with other like-minded visionaries
  • Get into action and momentum on your vision.

The Visionary Accelerator

90 days to connect to, clarify and claim your big vision to exponentially accelerate your life and business

The Visionary Accelerator is my signature 90-day program for Visionary Entrepreneurs who have a business already and are ready to explode and quantum leap their lives and businesses to the next level.

You will:

  • Connect to your Visionary power and learn how to live from a place of energy and potential everyday.
  • Claim your Big Vision and purpose and live that across your life and business
  • Clear the conscious and subconscious blocks preventing you from expanding and scaling your business and life -and really getting what you want.
  • Learn how to powerfully and consciously create and manifest every day.
  • Be able to powerfully co-create with others to expand and scale your business.
  • Have the big impact you know you are here to make.
  • This programme is packed full of resources, live training, group coaching, visionary activations and a community of like minded visionaries.
Next programme Sept 2022

The Visionary Coaching

Limited spaces for high-level, successful Visionaries and Founders who are looking for ‘What’s Next?’

Individual coaching from Lisa and her team for successful Visionary entrepreneurs, Founders and leaders. You have already achieved a lot in your life and businesses and yet you know that there is so much more! You want to be stretched and challenged to the next level of success and freedom. To not only be financially successful but also to have impact, to give back, to leave a legacy.

We provide bespoke, confidential, expert guidance,mentoring and coaching for successful Visionary entrepreneurs and leaders.

Our unique, multi-dimensional approach combines coaching, business strategy, energetic healing and hypnotherapy to creates change on a cognitive, emotional and energetic level so that we are working and healing at source. We don’t just help our clients create successful businesses but also ensure that their business and life is aligned to their soul-led vision and that they do the energetic healing work that unlocks their inner confidence and deeply connects them to what they are really here to do. It is the inner journey that brings the outer success.

The Ultimate Visionary Mastermind

An exclusive co-creative experience for established impact driven visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to scale their success and step up as a leader.

My application only mastermind is designed for those who are ready to tap into an entirely new level of potential and success. This is about implementing the Profound and the Practical together to create unlimited potential, opportunity, success and impact!

Launching Late 2022
‘I love working with Lisa and her team. They bring so much energy, big picture thinking and inspiration and manage to convert that energy into practical steps that make a difference right now.’
– Holli Rogers, Chief Brand Officer Farfetch, Chair Browns
‘What a true inspiration Lisa Mitchell is! She is high energy and dynamic and magically creates a space for transformation and change.’
– Marianna Satanas, VP Client Engagement & Digital Business, Americas, Bottega Vaneta
‘Lisa is an intuitive and deeply insightful coach. She came into our lives during a time of tremendous expansion for the business and was integral in cultivating the focus we needed to fuel our unprecedented growth’
– Sandy Sholl and Adam Freede, Co-Founders Madaluxe Group

The Visionary Collective

Join THE community for Visionaries!