The Visionary Way ™

Revolutionising how we live and work – The Visionary Way.

Revolutionising how we live and work – The Visionary Way.

The Visionary Way brings together the 5 essential elements you need to embody to build a successful and fulfilling life and business.

Methodology Visionary Way
Co-create Connect Clarify Create Clear


Learn how to CO-CREATE with others in a visionary way to create extraordinary relationships, networks and businesses where everyone steps into their truest potential to easily and effortlessly amplify your vision in the world.


CONNECT to an energetic field of potential, your intuition and higher power so that your unique ideas, creativity and inspiration naturally flow and integrate into your life and business.


CLARIFY - get crystal-clear on your soul-led vision and purpose so that you are aligned and can begin to create powerful momentum in your life and business.


CONSCIOUSLY CREATE your life and business in every moment to energetically and practically expand your impact and income and create quantum leaps.


CLEAR the conscious and subconscious blocks that hold you back from claiming your vision with unshakeable confidence.

The Visionary Way™is my unique methodology which takes my last 20 years’ experience working with high-level Visionaries and distils it into the 5 essential qualities you need to succeed as a Visionary in the world.

The Visionary Way™ is about living energy-first, from a place of connection and creates quantum leaps, success and deep fulfilment across your whole life and business.

It provides a powerful pathway to follow alongside the guidance and experience ofsomeone who deeply understands the journey of a Visionary to help you navigate this adventure you are being called to take….

My role is to guide and coach you on this journey using my own experience as a Visionary entrepreneur and everything I have learnt from coaching and guiding top-level Visionaries for the last 20 years.

As I worked with these top Visionaries, I started to see patterns and similarities. I realised that what was making them successful or holding them back wasn’t their expertise or talent in their roles but was about who they were and how they were living both their life and business.

I realised that Visionaries have an innate connection to something bigger than them – to their vision and source. That this connection and clarity of vision makes them almost unstoppable. And that they are continually developing, evolving and growing themselves to make their business successful.

I realised that running a business as a Visionary is unique and that standard models of business don’t apply. It is the activation of the Visionary and Vision that brings huge success.

Work with us wherever you are in your Visionary Journey.

You are an entrepreneur with a big vision to create a brilliant business and have a big impact in the world.

You are already building a business that has a big vision and is creating change in the world.
You are part of an organisation that wants to embrace Visionary Leadership and move to the next level
‘What a true inspiration Lisa Mitchell is! She is high energy and dynamic and magically creates a space for transformation and change.’
– Marianna Satanas, VP Client Engagement & Digital Business, Americas, Bottega Vaneta
‘Lisa is an intuitive and deeply insightful coach. She came into our lives during a time of tremendous expansion for the business and was integral in cultivating the focus we needed to fuel our unprecedented growth’
– Sandy Sholl and Adam Freede, Co-Founders Madaluxe Group
‘I love working with Lisa and her team. They bring so much energy, big picture thinking and inspiration and manage to convert that energy into practical steps that make a difference right now.’
– Holli Rogers, Chief Brand Officer Farfetch, Chair Browns