Visionary Founders Podcast 

Visionary Founders Podcast is for ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who know that they want to make a big difference in the world.

Building a unique business that makes an impact takes a shift in your way of being and leading. You need to consciously create your reality whilst learning to lead and nurture Co-visionaries within your organization and team.

You know you have it in you to be more than a profit-focused entrepreneur - you want to have a big impact, and change the world - you just need to know how to make those quantum shifts in your leading, thinking, and strategies.

You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to create your legacy right now. This is a new way of living and working that will create freedom, expansion, and abundance in all aspects of your life.

Hosted by Lisa Mitchell, THE coach for Visionary Founders and Entrepreneurs - helping them to activate their biggest visions, to create extraordinary lives and businesses, and to leave a powerful legacy in the world. 





Episode 000 Welcome to The Visionary Founders Podcast!



Welcome to The Visionary Founders Podcast!

If you are a founder, you desire to create something big, or you feel in your gut that you want something else in life, this podcast is for you. 

I'm Lisa Mitchell, an entrepreneur, speaker, intuitive coach and mom. I've been working with visionary founders for the last 15 years, and I’ve realised that many successful people don't feel fulfilled. They want more, they know it is possible to achieve more, but they just don't know how to do it. 

Visionaries live more in the realm of possibility and potential than the current reality, and that is why I love working with them. They are people who are constantly looking for opportunities to change their lives, and the lives of other people. 

In the short and sweet episodes of this podcast, I'll share with you focused thoughts and advice meant to challenge your thinking process. I will provide you with concrete tips that you can implement right away in your life and your business. 

Together, we will explore the adjustments that you need to make in order to thrive and make a massive impact on the world. We will be bringing into life your biggest visions, we’ll get beyond your greatest blocks, traumas, and beliefs, to consciously create every moment of your life, and develop co-visionaries around you.  

I invite you to join me on this transformational, challenging and provoking journey towards the best version of yourself.


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