Hi I’m Lisa 

I’m a Visionary Founder, intuitive guide and coach. I’ve spent the last 15 years transforming the lives and businesses of many of the world’s leading founders and entrepreneurs. People who want to have a BIG impact in the world and leave the world better than they found it.

When I speak to my clients, the Visionary entrepreneurs, we recognize each other instantly. We are the world’s changemakers, the mavericks, the questioners, the ones that can’t accept the status quo, and are forever asking ‘What’s next?”. 

Others don’t get it – they choose an easier path. But for us, the point of life is to be always growing and evolving, to keep transforming things for the better,  to create the extra-ordinary.

Our lives and work are soul-driven expressions of us in the world. We are entrepreneurs, founders of businesses, creators of movements, visionaries who see beyond what is to what can be created to move humanity forward. 

So I describe my journey here so that you know who you are speaking to. And to claim your space as a Visionary in the world because when you truly do this, your impact and ability to create big impact and a legacy in the world will soar.

Lisa Mitchell

My journey to working with Visionary Founders

I always knew that I wanted more from life

Some entrepreneurs are lucky enough to grow up in an environment where that is seen and nurtured. That was not my path. Growing up in a ‘normal’ middle-class family in the North of England in the 1970s and 1980s, the emphasis was on getting through life, of fitting in, of doing what was expected of you, of following an unwritten set of rules. Work hard, pass exams, go to university, get a good job, get married, eventually retire with a good pension!

This life as everyone seemed to live it didn’t make any sense to me. For a long time, I felt like the odd one out, disconnected, unfulfilled, and confused.  I couldn't understand why I was questioning life when no one else around me was. This experience of feeling different from the norm/the outsider is so common for my clients too (and is because you are a trailblazer by the way!). 


I  was successful by others people's terms

I always knew in my gut that there was another way to live life, that it was possible to live an extraordinary life, and that that could become the norm for us all. But I had no role models to learn from so did what was expected. I worked hard,  got a boyfriend, a “good” job, bought a home. I became a senior leader in Marketing but always had serious imposter syndrome and was disillusioned and unhappy. I never felt like I was good at my job and so I just worked harder and harder so that I wouldn’t be exposed. 

In the meantime, most people I saw around me seemed miserable especially as they climbed the corporate ladder.  Like they were wishing their lives away, self-medicating with money, fancy holidays, drink, exercise or food. Anything to avoid the realisation that they weren’t truly happy in their lives. And that was certainly me – I was the ‘party girl’ drinking too much, doing crazy things, spending money on anything and everything to make myself feel better, having relationships with unsuitable men. Something had to give!


The coach who changed my everything for me

It was truly fate that brought us together. I recognize now that I put a desire out to the universe, I surrendered and the universe delivered. Of course, I didn’t know any of that then! I’d finally met someone like me. Someone who lived life differently. Someone who had a purpose in life loved their work and lived their life on their terms.  

This started my own journey of healing and growth. I learned how to change everything about how I felt and thought – the way I lived did a 360-degree turnaround. I became aware that I had to stop blaming others, feeling like a victim, and take radical self-responsibility.  I started to connect to my vision, my bigger purpose. I realized that I had a real talent as a coach and retrained as a coach and facilitator. For the first time, I felt that I was on a path I had actually chosen!


When I gave up everything and took a leap of faith

I sold my home, left my job, moved from London to the south coast, and decided to trust myself. I went through chronic fatigue for a year as my body finally let go and I released all the adrenalin, trauma, and control that had been my way of living to date. I literally released and gave up everything I had been to date in favor of my true self that was emerging. 

I started my own coaching business and studying energy work. What I learned was that we are all energetic beings. That it’s our energy and the way we use it that creates everything outside of us. And by shifting it in certain areas we can create more opportunities in all areas of our life. That everything is integrated and the pieces we ignore are often the pieces that are truly holding us back!

And once I learned how to listen and trust and live my life from my bigger purpose, things started to align around me. I was introduced to a coaching consultancy which gave me a great income and where I honed my craft for a few years. I started my own intuitive and energetic coaching consultancy. I met my husband and I become a mum which had been a dream of mine for a long time. 


When I realized that my life was not aligned

The truth was that the only place I really felt fully me was in my work and with my daughter. So I threw myself into it, worked all the hours, and really struggled to find my balance with my life. And I still worked harder than anyone I knew just in case I failed!!! My personal life still felt ‘off’ – I could be supremely confident in my working life but super unconfident and shy with friends. It was like I became my true self in work but couldn’t translate that across the rest of my life. It was also then that my marriage started to crumble. As I grew, evolved, and healed myself – so it became clear that we were on different paths. 

The last ten years have been a deep, personal healing journey for me. In that time I got married, both my parents have passed on, I have had a miscarriage and a baby and I have recently got divorced. Through all of this, I have been able to hold bigger energy and a sense of potential in it all. People call me ‘positive’ but it is more that I am connected to the bigger journey of it all and how that translates into who I am being in life and work. And I wouldn’t change a thing about my experiences in life because they have made me who I am today. 

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When I discovered that we create our own reality

My life and work come from my own personal evolution – I choose to lead and experience A LOT so that it opens up a path others can follow. I consciously create every aspect of my extraordinary life, I teach my daughter a powerful and magical way to live, and work with other Visionary Entrepreneurs to create extraordinary lives and businesses. To truly have it all in their personal and work life. And to have the big impact that is available to them when they are connected to their biggest visions and are aligned in all aspects of themselves. 

I will always be evolving and growing and life is not without its challenges!  But I now live totally on purpose in all areas of my life. I know that my happiness and fulfilment comes from inside and that nothing external can shake that. That is when you truly become powerful in your life.

I have realised that fulfilment comes from trusting ourselves and being on a journey of change. Being willing to continually ask “what’s next?” 

And I have learnt that our energy and alignment is everything and when we align on the inside, outer success has to follow. 

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