Lisa Mitchell

We help Visionary Founders to activate their biggest visions and change the world 

You know you are here to create a BIG impact, you have a vision for the world. What if you could amplify and scale that vision to create an extra-ordinary life and business and leave a powerful legacy?


Meet Lisa 

With over 15 years working with Visionary Founders, I am passionate about helping founders uplevel to achieve their dreams.


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If you are a Visionary Founder or entrepreneur who is ready to uplevel and have BIG impact in the world,  I would love to work with you.

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Take the Founders Audit

Take the Visionary Founders Audit to see where you are as a Founder and receive personalised advice on the next stage of your journey. 

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Join the Visionary Founders Podcast with Lisa Mitchell

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If you have a big vision and want to make an impact on the world, join the Visionary Founders Podcast to find out why Visionaries are so important for the world right now, whether you have what it takes to be one, and to get all the practical tips you need to grow yourself and your business to seriously change the world!


Highly Successful Founders looking for 'what's next?'


You are already successful but you know there is more!

As a successful Founder you have already created more than most people will in their lifetime, but you know that it is only the beginning. You are on a mission to claim your space as a Visionary in the world in a whole new way, to uplevel. We will work together to connect to- and activate your most powerful vision so that you can have the BIG impact you know you are here to create and to leave your legacy. 

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Successful Founders looking to scale

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You've built a successful business that now needs to fly

You've built a highly successful business fueled by your vision, your passion and your energy. You are the heart and soul. But your baby has become too dependent on you! Now it's time to let the business evolve beyond you so that you have the freedom and space to be the Visionary again. We help you create new and innovative ways to grow your business to take it to the next level of success and impact.

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Visionary Founders on the way up


You have big plans, funding and are growing fast

You have an innovative, brilliant idea that has already excited investors, customers, or both, and you are on a fast- growth trajectory. Now it's time to consciously create your business so that it can easily grow and scale whilst staying true to the big vision - easier said than done! With over 15 years' experience working with Founders, we can help you grow your business powerfully and sustainably from day one.

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Early Stage Founders with big dreams


You have a vision & big dreams for your business

You are here to create something big, something that has impact, makes a difference and changes the world. But how do you create a truly innovative business that allows you to bring your vision to life? With over 15 years working with Founders, I will help you connect to your biggest visions and bring them to life, become the visionary leader you need to be and create an extra-ordinary life and business. 

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What our clients say about us

Holli Rogers Chief Brand Officer Farfetch, Chair Browns
I love working with Lisa and her team. They bring so much energy, big picture thinking and inspiration and manage to convert that energy into practical steps that make a difference right now.
Marianna Satanas Global Digital Sales Director Eton Shirts
What a true inspiration Lisa Mitchell is! She is high energy and dynamic and magically creates a space for transformation and change.
Sandy Sholl Co-Founder, Madaluxe Group
Lisa is an intuitive and deeply insightful coach. She came into our lives during a time of tremendous expansion for the business and was integral in cultivating the focus we needed to fuel our unprecedented growth.
Adame Freede Co-Founder, Madaluxe Group
Lisa has led us down a journey of deeper self-discovery; unlocking our maximum potential along the way. We look forward to not just this continued business relationship but also the friendship Lisa has forged in her time with us.

Our Clients

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Visionary Founders Audit

Take the Visionary Founders Audit

So you are a Visionary Founder, or want to be one! Take this Audit to see how you score on the key attributes you need to have to be a successful Visionary Founder and to lead your business to massive success.  


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