Can you claim the Visionary in you?

I ask this question because for years I worked with some of the most successful Founders, Entrepreneurs and Visionary leaders in the world. And yet, somehow, I hadn’t realised that I am one too!

So often what we are attracted to in others is really a reflection of ourselves. 

And what frustrates us shows us where we have to grow. 

So I would work with these amazing leaders and their organisations. Noticing what they did, what worked and where they got struck. And I got in there and helped them transform their organisations. 

And yet there was a gap. I knew I wasn’t doing my most powerful work. I knew there was another way to work. I knew and was frustrated by the fact that I knew there was more for me and I just didn’t seem to be able to claim it for myself. 

I often say that as a Visionary you lead and others follow. For many years, I have been the person who questioned ‘normal’ life, who trod her own path, who believed that our lives should be extraordinary, who refused to settle and compromise even though it often made life harder! 

And I held a powerful vision for business too. I looked at most businesses and they didn’t make sense to me – I knew there was a bigger, more expansive way for businesses to serve humanity’s evolvement and growth. 

It is only recently having been on my own very deep, energetic healing journey that I realised that the reason I love working with Visionaries is because I am one too! That I resonate with these people because they are my tribe. That I help them expand and claim who they are because I hold that energetic space for them. I always see them in the biggest power of who they are so that they can step in and claim that even more deeply for themselves. 

And in claiming that for myself, I am able to work with Visionaries in a totally new way. In power. As a peer. In recognition of what we both came to bring. 

And this is where the magic gets created. When both you and the person you are working with are working as co-visionaries. This is how new worlds get created. 

Can you claim your space as the Visionary you are? Need help claiming the biggest space as the Visionary you are?/ Powerful new work is coming – how to be a Visionary in the world.