Why Connection is the key to being a visionary leader and entrepreneur

If I could pick the one quality that you need to be a Visionary leader and entrepreneur it would be connection. 

To yourself, to a field of potential, to your mission and to others to create co-visionaries that can amplify your vision in the world.

Connection enables you to embody who you truly are. To drop into your heart and out of your head. Creation comes from that more feminine energy, from being inspired, activated, energised, just ‘knowing’ what the next right thing is to do. 

When I am working with my Visionary clients I always get them to o step out, to step off the ‘doing’ to connect, to drop down, to go back to a connection to source and heart to feel into the ‘What’s next?’. 

From here comes clarity, certainty, a deep inner knowingness, confidence. You are in your greatest power and connected at source to what you are here to do. 

So many visionaries have that ‘direct line to the universe’, that inner knowing but struggle to get that into reality. To actualise the vision without having to step into their masculine energy to drive it through. They get controlling, over-emotional, spew their emotions on others, ‘inspire’ others without making a connection that gets them into self-inspired action. 

You need to embody that vision first before you take it out to the world. Truly feel it, energise it, what it can be, listen rather than drive. Check it is a soul-aligned mission not a ‘should do’, that it fulfils your biggest mission and legacy on the planet. What is aligned in it? What doesn’t? 

As an entrepreneur – your energy is everything. You have the power of creation in your hands. You ARE creating continuously in your energy field and with everyone around you. The key is to be conscious of exactly what you are creating and that you proactively co-create with others so that they can be in their visionary too. 

Then you can create the extraordinary life and business you really want and desire!