Why being a visionary is way beyond traditional leadership

Being a visionary in the world is not just about being a leader, or a business founder or someone who inspires. 

Being a visionary is knowing that you are creating a new paradigm for the world. That you can see beyond ‘what is’. That you always have. 

That the way ‘normal life’ is lived has never made sense to you or been enough for you. 

That you have a connection beyond you and that you are creating a win for the planet and for us all. 

For me, it is the most exciting place to be in the world, and often the most frustrating!

Because you can see beyond ‘what is’ and are often way beyond what most people can see. People might look at you as if you are crazy. Or tell you that what you want to do cannot be done. Or that there is no market for it. Or that no-one will buy it. And you think to yourself – why don’t they get it????? It is so obvious to you. 

The biggest power and satisfaction in life is to take an idea/a vision and make it real. To actualise it. To get others involved in it as co-visionaries. To build something remarkable.

And to do this you as the visionary you need to become super conscious, self-aware and connected. To know that in this enterprise your energy is everything. It isn’t enough to have a brilliant idea. The question is how do you embody that, how do you live as an expression of it, how do you create a brilliant business that doesn’t depend on you and how do you amplify that vision out into the world? 

It is the greatest personal journey there is with the invitation and necessity to continually expand, embody, empower and elevate. 

Is it easy? No! Is it a brilliant, fun, purpose driven ride. Hell yeah! And I know which one I would choose.