As an entrepreneur your energy is everything

There are so many pieces to being a successful entrepreneur aren’t there? Having a vision, a strategy, getting others to buy into what you feel, building a business. The list is endless!

And yet what I know from working with many Visionary entrepreneurs through the years is that your Energy is everything and will really determine how successful you are in your life and business. 

Why? Because your work and your business is intrinsically connected to you. You are the ‘source’ of it. It is a direct result of your vision, your desires, what is important to you, what impact you want to have in the world. 

And, honestly, your energy is playing out in your business whether you are aware of it or not. If you aren’t clean in your energy and doing your own personal work, your emotions and blocks will start to play out in the business. 

What you feel, your energetic blocks, your beliefs, your doubts and insecurities are all playing out in your business – always. You have a money block/fear – so will the business. You need to control – your business won’t flow. You hold on and won’t delegate – neither will your leaders. You work in chaos – there will be greater chaos around you. 

You set the energetic tone and setpoint for your business. It is down to you where the energy of the business is and what gets created. When you are in your vision, energised and in flow, you will feel people calibrate to you. And when you are not – you will sense that calibration also!

You are not the business and the business is not you – that energetic separation is key. BUT you are the founder/source and where you are energetically will be reflected right back at you. That is why being a founder (and especially a Visionary one!) is the best self-development journey there is. 

So part of your job is to continually clear your personal energy, your blocks, your trauma so that they don’t leak into your business. Fear, doubt, insecurity. We all have them. Where are you not in your power? What are the places where you struggle? Where you aren’t confident? Where you get out of control? What behaviours do you have that block the business from being all it could be? 

I take people on an energetic clearing process so that they are clean and clear to create their biggest missions in the world.