Why the world needs Visionaries right now

It feels to me like there are literally two versions of reality bumping up against each other right now. The ‘current’ reality which we can see in practical terms and which can look pretty bleak and a new reality of potential and possibility which is coming into play simultaneously. Which you choose to play in and where you see the world from will make a huge difference to what you can create in your life.

When I watch the news (which I do rarely) and see what is happening in the world the reality looks pretty grim. Leaders like Trump and Boris Johnson here in the UK leading from an old paradigm of hierarchy, selfishness and control. Attempting to assert control over the world. Coming from a place of separation and division. The ‘have’ and ‘have nots’. ‘Us ‘ and ‘Them’. Protecting themselves and supposedly our own interests. A short termism that doesn’t support the planet. Seemingly more Interested in their own progression and careers than long-term sustainability and progress. 

And for those of us in those countries in particular, where is the alternative? What choices are emerging in terms of a different way of being? A different approach? It seems to be that people end up voting for the ‘least bad option’ which makes the elections in the US for example so close. It is almost a case of who do we think will be least bad? Not a great place to be. 

Then add on COVID and everything that has come with it. We are in ‘lockdown’. Can you feel the energy of that world? What it feels like to be ‘locked down’ – literally? Take a moment to feel that that creates.

It is any wonder that when people connect to this reality they are feeling depressed and uncertain and afraid? Fear is being promoted everywhere we look. Is it any wonder that mental health issues are on the rise? That it all feels a bit hopeless? Even writing this I can feel that energy start to leak into me. 

And yet there is another way, a parallel universe if you like. The one that I and others choose to operate in and to create change from. To live from a place of possibility and potential. To see all the good in the world. And to create change not from ‘what is’, by battling and fighting the current reality but by creating anew. Knowing that when we keep our energy and vibration high, the world starts to change with us. 

I can honestly tell you that I don’t feel ‘locked down’ in any way. 2020 was a powerful and good year. I have been able to use this time to create the next new powerful phase in my business and my life. I have reset my own energetic and I have cleared a shedload of old stuff that was blocking me and holding me back. 

While my business basically stopped when we first went into lockdown, many companies are now realising that they need to invest in their people more than ever now to find creative and innovative solutions that will enable them to thrive in the future. I have wonderful new clients and opportunities coming to me. I have stopped doing any work that doesn’t bring me joy. And I have created the balance in my life that I have desired for some time. 

Despite lockdown, we have continued to create the life we want. We have sold a house, moved numerous times, Ella Rae has changed schools and we are now living our new life on the coast! Nothing has been locked down for us and, in fact, we have achieved so much in very little time! Ella Rae is in a school that she totally loves and which enables her to expand and thrive. We are in a wonderful community that has welcomed us with open arms. And we are about to move to a lovely new home. 

In fact, there has been more movement and positive change in this year for me than in the two that proceeded it. And many moments of magic and miracles that have lined up to create this new life of ours which I don’t have enough space to expand on here! 

And I am not alone. I know many entrepreneurs and businesses that are thriving and have been able to pivot to be even more successful than before. And what does it take to pivot and be creative and innovative? Visionaries at the top of those businesses. Those who have a connection to the potential and possibility of any situation. Who don’t let circumstances define themselves, their businesses or their success. Who are the creators of their reality always. 

The world is in the middle of a massive shift right now. Change requires to look beyond ‘what is’ to what could be. To create amazing new ideas and businesses. To feel into what is needed right now and to fulfil that need. To not buy into the current fear that is being propagated by governments and media. 

YOU are the source of your own life, business and success. Being a visionary, you know how to play in that realm of possibility. And the universe will always have your back. 

What game are you choosing to play?